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My home experiments with vegetarian cooking. Focused on seasonal produce with some vegan stuff thrown in for good measure. I may include random other food-related stuff as I please.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Dude, check me out!

Hey, I just started this cooking blog because the planets all sort of came into alignment. My local paper had an article on food blogs today, and I got my first CSA veggie box (community supported agriculture) and did some experimenting. I had thought about putting my cooking experiments online before, and today just seemed like the day.

FYI, I've been a vegetarian for fifteen years (oh, shit, I just turned 29, so more like 16 now) so all the recipes will be vegetarian. I will try to focus on locally grown seasonal veggies (no tomato salads in December), but I also like to experiment, so you never know what'll come up. I also don't eat a whole lot of dairy, so many of the recipes will be vegan-friendly. I don't object to them, I just am trying to lose weight and a little lactose-intolerant anyway. I make kick-ass vegan cookies, so keep your eye out for those recipes. Dude, this should be fun!


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