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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Chard, not charred, burritos

I've been trying to cook from a recipe once a week, and this week I turned to Jack Bishop. He has several cookbooks, and I actually consult Vegetables Every Day most often, but A Year In a Vegetarian Kitchen is a lovely book, too, and is the one I used this week.

The recipe was for chard and rice burritos with tomato-chipotle salsa. It called for rainbow chard, if that was available, and I scored!! The rainbow chard at the organic guy's stand at the farmers market was like an explosion of beauty. In fact, the recipe called for only 1 pound, but it looked so good that I bought almost 2 pounds. I used it all tonight and it wasn't too much, since we all had seconds!

Essentially, you just make rice, saute down some chard stems and an onion, add garlic and the chard leaves, and wrap 'em up in a tortilla! The salsa recipe that came with it was really... simple. I guess that could be positive or negative, depending on your perspective. It was just tomatoes and a chipotle and a bit of oregano, essentially. I perked it up wish some salt (which neither the salsa or the burrito recipe called for), but it would have benefitted from lime juice or cilantro. Not that it was bad, just awfully plain. I actually substituted the canned chipotle with a fresh scotch bonnet, since we had some.

Anyway, I quite liked it, and the baby ate all of hers, and Sweetie had seconds. It wasn't spectacular, but it tasted fresh and healthy and filling. I'd make it again.

Here are the chard stems in the food processor. Rainbow, indeed!


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