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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Avgolemono (lemon rice soup)

Okay, I think it's traditionally rice, but most of the recipes I looked up called for orzo instead (a small rice-shaped pasta), and my Greek friend said she preferred orzo as well, so I went with it.

Last time I attempted avgolemono, it was an unmitigated disaster*. It is one of the only things I have ever made that I really couldn't force down. So I decided I'd go with a recipe and stick to it carefully. I chose this one, and I don't think I altered a single thing.

It was SUPERB. In fact, I announced that I was going to add this soup to my rotation, and my husband cheered. He declared it silky, buttery, hearty, and satisfying.

I made a loaf of whole wheat bread as well, and it was a very satisfying dinner.

*Long story short, I forgot that California lemons are like four times as big as lemons elsewhere, so when it said "juice of two lemons," it was way too much lemon. It tasted rather like one of these, but with rice:


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