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Friday, February 04, 2005

My sweetie made dinner!

Well, my darling decided to treat me on Thursday and made us dinner. He had picked up the fixings at Trader Joe's on Sunday. The following is his answer to "what was in it?" dictated faithfully.

frozen peppers
two Tofurkey sausages
weird onions
some Smoking Loon wine
Sweet N' Low
pasta sauce . . . um garlic one for Trader Joe's
tomato paste
stewed tomatoes with chili peppers
ummmm . . . garlic
black pepper

whole wheat rotini

I cooked the garlic and onions and sausage together. Then after a few minutes I added the peppers. And I cooked them in olive oil. And meanwhile I put all the tomato sauces together with the peas and after a few minutes I added the peppers to make it, make that kind of, je ne'est sais quois. Oh no I didn't. And I dumped wine in it immediately. And, oh! Chili flakes! Then I dumped it all together and cooked it for a while. Then I tasted it and added more salt and pepper and Sweet N' Low. I did chop all the stuff up, too, you know. It's not like I dumped giant chunks of Tofurkey in giant sausage form."

He would have probably done a better job typing it out himself, but I kind of like it this way. Anyway, it was divine! Yum yum yummy. I told him he can cook anytime he wants.


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